Our Referral Process

Patients may be referred to hospice care, both with an in-home agency and at the SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House, by a physician, nurse, minister, family member, social worker or themselves. All patient referrals are subject to eligibility screening. To be eligible, a patient must be diagnosed with a terminal illness, must not be seeking curative treatments and must have or obtain a physician's statement of the terminal diagnosis with a six month or less prognosis. Hospice eligibility may be extended beyond six months upon further medical review.

If you think you may need the SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House during the course of hospice care, please discuss this with your in-home hospice provider, so your instructions are clear. Making your wishes to use the SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House instead of the hospital known during your initial hospice visit will ensure a smooth transition should that time arrive

For questions regarding patient care, referrals or eligibility, please call 3HC's patient intake at 1.800.692.4442.