Naming Opportunities

Available Areas

Family Living Center $500,000

This central and highly used area of the Hospice Home includes the family room, children’s room, kitchen, dining, study/home office, chapel, and conference/counseling room.

Medical Support Center - $300,000

The Medical Support Center is the clinical center for patient care and includes the care team station, pharmaceutical storage, medical records, staff lounge or Angel Room and other clinical areas for SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House physicians, nurses, and volunteers.

Angel Room - $150,000

The Angel Room is specially designed to support the staff and volunteers that care for our hospice home patients and their loved ones. The Angel Room provides a break area, spacious full bath with shower, and refrigerator.

Walking Trail - $25,000

The 11 acre site features a walking trail through gardens and grounds, giving families an outdoor experience for viewing and soothing.

Commercial Laundry/Linen - $20,000

The hospice home has commercial grade laundry & linen storage facilities to ensure that patients have timely access to fresh linens when needed.

Stowaway Room - $20,000

Every home needs ample storage space and this large walk in closet is designed to handle the largest medical equipment with ease and is a prominently visible area of the hospice home.

Illuminated Live Oaks (2) - $5,000

Live oak trees positioned and illuminated on the grounds of the home for high visual impact.

Unlit Live Oaks (5) - $3,000

Several unlit live oak trees are be positioned on the grounds to provide native coastal shade. Carefully located in the front of the home and in the gardens and lawn in the back of the home.


Already Named

Hospice House - $1,000,000 – State Employees Credit Union

This inpatient facility has rooms large enough for overnight stays by family members and spaces for families to gather and share meals and precious time together. It offers the highest level of inpatient hospice care including therapeutic social, emotional, spiritual and grief support.

Acute Care Wing - $500,000 – Carolina East Health System

This wing of the Hospice Home contains 6 acute care patient suites and supporting medical services as well as a sunroom and private porches that surround the patients and loved ones with comforts of home.

Residential Care Wing - $350,000 – Carteret General Hospital, Fort Benjamin Commons

This wing of the Hospice Home contains 4 patient suites providing respite hospice care and includes a sunroom and porch.

Family Kitchen & Dining Area - $250,000 – John and Susan Stevenson

The Family Dining Area is a welcoming and frequently visited space with dining and food preparation amenities for families to share home cooked meals together or to grab a quick snack.

Hospice House Road and Campus - $200,000 – Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

The 11 acre campus located on Big Rock Weigh includes gardens, paths, and other amenities to support patients, families, and caregivers.

Care Team Station - $150,000 - Pat Joyce, Ted Garner, Danny McQueen, Joe Logan

This prominent area is the hub of activity for the specially trained professional and volunteer staff that care for patients and their families.

Reception/Lobby Foyer - $100,000 – Adrianne and Annette Holler

This is the first area inside the hospice home that family and visitors see. Appointments and lighting are warm and welcoming as well as functional. Two fabulous original paintings, donated by renowned local artist Jack Saylor, greet all who walk in the front doors.

Family Living Room - $100,000 – Curtis and Sarah Strange

The Family Living Room offers a homelike environment featuring a fireplace and comfortable seating for patients, families and visitors to gather, rest, receive visitors, and make the most of their times together.

Porte-Cochere - $100,000 – Vidant Health

The covered drive up is the first contact with the physical structure and provides protection and security from the weather as families and visitors arrive and enter the hospice home.

Conference Room - $100,000 – Lonnie and Carol Poole

This well-appointed room offers a private area for families and loved ones to meet and confer with medical, spiritual and legal counselors.

Chapel - $75,000 – Crystal Coast Community of Faith

The nondenominational chapel offers a serene location for families to draw strength and comfort from their faith and each other.

Children's Room - $75,000 - Wendi and Charles Oliver II

This room dedicates space for activities that are enjoyed by young and old, patient or loved one. It will feature an art center, building blocks, video gaming nook (with headphones), TVs and comfortable seating.

Study/Home Office - $75,000 – After Hours Rotary Club, Linwood and Trudy Parker

This room provides space for telecommuting for family members and loved ones by offering internet access and wireless computing capabilities and a computer to access your email; as well as comfortable appointments including a fireplace.

Patient Suites (10) - $50,000 - Names listed below

A200 – Jerry and Jeremy Jackson

A201 – Ann and Ham Sloan

A202 – Hugh and Nan Cullman

A203 – Dick and Hildred Parker and Family

A204 and A205 – Richard and Linda Seale

R100 – Ray and Laura Bell

R101 – Katherine and Bob Arthur, Maggie and Skinner Chalk

R102 – Peg and Charlton Burns

R103 – Al and Janet Rhem

Each comfortably appointed patient suite has family seating with sleeper sofa, a private bath with shower and a sun porch. The house has 6 acute care and 4 residential care patient suites.

Memorial Garden - $50,000 – Bill and Jean Glasgow

The Memorial Garden contains a memorial brickyard to allow families to memorialize loved ones and honor staff or volunteers who provided a special tenderness as well as garden accents and seating.

Terrace Dining - $50,000 – Lee and Sally Lumpkin

The Terrace Dining area is located off the Family Kitchen and Dining Facilities and offers families an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and exterior amenities while sharing meals and precious time together.

Butterfly Garden - $50,000 – Jane and Dale Britt

The Butterfly Garden is filled with colorful landscaping, an original sculpture and a seashell pathway & gazebo to provide a serene and cheerful location for patients and loved ones to explore.

Front Entrance - $30,000 – Libby Eaton and Tim Coyne

The majestic double mahogany doors that make up the Front Entrance welcome each visitor to the Hospice Home.

Sunroom (2) - $30,000 – Names Listed Below

Sunroom, Acute Wing: Randy and Tiffany Ramsey

Sunroom, Residential Wing: Norman and Ruth Kellum Jr.

Each Patient Care Wing features a sunroom for families and loved ones to gather and visit and soak in the outdoors without leaving the home.

Patient Therapeutic Spa Room - $30,000 - The Rotary Clubs of Carteret County

The Patient Spa provides access to a whirlpool spa with therapeutic jets to assist in pain management and soothe emotional and physical stresses.

Angel Room Terrace - $30,000 – Edward and Mary Macleod

The Angel Room Terrace provides a covered outdoor space with comfortable seating for caregivers to relax during brief breaks from tending to patients and families.

Serenity Pond with Fountain - $30,000 – Robert and Marjorie Hickman, Donna and Curtis Hickman

The campus features two ponds with fountains. The largest pond is located closer to the facility and features two reflecting pools and a fountain.

Director's Office - $25,000 – BB&T

The Director’s Office is used by staff and volunteers on a daily basis as care and comfort are coordinated for each patient.

Offices (3) - $25,000 – Names Listed Below

Office A: Ray and Polly Brown

Office B: First Citizens Bank

Office C: Dick and Billie Futrell

The Offices offer work space for staff and an area for small family meetings and social support programs.

Dining Porch - $25,000 – Wells Fargo

The Dining Porch is located just off the Family Kitchen and Dining area and provides a separate area for family togetherness. It offers a transition from the interior family dining to the exterior dining terrace.

Garden Pathway - $20,000 – Curtis and Alex Struyk

A delightful garden path winds its way from the hospice home, through trellises and into each garden.

Mechanical/Electrical Room - $20,000 – Carteret Craven Electrical Foundation

While not accessible from the interior of the home, the mechanical/electrical room is critical to the comfort and operation of the facility.

Fireplaces (2) - $20,000 – Names Listed Below

Fireplace, Family Room: Margaret Glasgow and Geraldine Gaylor

Fireplace, The Study: William and Douglas B Glasgow

The Home features two fireplaces for family gathering or warm solitude. Fireplaces are a focal point in the Family Room and in the Study/Home Office.

Reflection Pond with Fountain - $20,000 – Lilah and Bill Geitz, Jonny Harper

The campus features two ponds with fountains. The smaller pond is located beyond the Gardens and is accented by benches, landscaping and a gazebo.

Stained Glass Art (2) - $15,000 – Names Listed Below

Mac and Karen Willis

Wellons Family

The Chapel features two stained glass works commissioned by Crystal Coast Hospice House.

Gazebos (2) - $15,000 – Names Listed Below

Gazebo, right: Frank Door Company

Gazebo, left: Potters for Parkinson’s

The campus features two gazebos located among the gardens and grounds for a private, serene resting spot for families.

Side Entrances (2) - $15,000 – Names Listed Below

North Side: Lee Dixon, Coastal Architecture

South Side: Lee and Glenda Dixon

Each Patient Wing features a covered side entrance just adjacent to the sunroom. These entrances will be used to access outdoor amenities on the campus by patients, families and staff.

The Vending Room - $15,000 – Mack and Glenda Baker

Vending machines in this area of the Family Kitchen and Dining offers families and loved ones snack and beverage options when cooking is not convenient.

Chapel Pulpit - $10,000 – First United Methodist Church

The Pulpit area is the focal point of the Chapel.

Video & Music Area - $10,000 – Joe and Marianna Hollinshed

The Video & Music Area is located inside the Children’s Room and features a coordinated space for quiet video gaming and viewing.

Pharmaceutical/Supply Closet - $10,000 – Medical Park Pharmacy

This area of the Hospice Home is for storage and dispensing of the medications and medical supplies necessary for the comfort of patients.

Medical Records Room - $10,000 – The Hamad Family

The Medical Records Room houses the patient records.

Groundskeeper's Shop - $10,000 – Sand Dunes Charter Chapter of ABWA

The Groundskeeper’s Shop provides storage for amenities related to keeping the Campus beautiful and to maintaining seasonally exchanged items on the Hospice Home Campus.

Residential Fresh Linen Room - $10,000 - Sand Dunes Charter Chapter of ABWA

The Residential Fresh Linen Room enhances the home-like atmosphere and allows families to access laundry amenities within the house.

Footbridge (3) - $10,000 – Names Listed Below

Greg Garner/Garner Landscaping

Jim Stancil

Annie Guthrie

Several footbridges connect the beautiful gardens and pathways on the grounds of the SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House campus.

Planted Island - $10,000 – Curtis and Sarah Strange

A planted, illuminated island enhances the front grounds that welcome all to the Hospice Home.

Illuminated Live Oaks (3) - $5,000 – Names Listed Below

In Loving Memory of Charles "Camp" Simons - Given by Angels for Charlie

In Memory of Pat Fulcher

In Loving Memory of David & Barbara Wightman

Live oak trees are positioned and illuminated on the grounds of the home for high visual impact.

Garden Trellis - (2) $5,000 – Names Listed Below

Front Trellis: Iva and Tat Fearing

Back Trellis: Scott and Christi Maxwell

The gardens feature two trellis archways to enhance the entrances and transitions.

Unlit Live Oaks - (3) $3,000 – Names Listed Below

In Honor of Jean Sellars

In Memory of Sandy Harmon by Curtis and Sarah Strange & Oak Hill Country Club

In Memory of J.D. Smith by Elizabeth Stekas Family and Friends

Several unlit live oak trees are be positioned on the grounds to provide native coastal shade. Carefully located in the front of the home and in the gardens and lawn in the back of the home.

Benches (5) $3,000

Carteret County Association of Realtors

Jackson and Christy Phillips

Glen Bailey

Joan Pulley

Bob and Susan Awbrey Hunter

The grounds feature several benches for resting and enjoying the 11 acre campus.


Naming a room, area, or art provides opportunities for remembering a loved one and recognizing our generous donors. All areas will be designed and appointed by the Crystal Coast Hospice House. Naming opportunities are subject to approval and acceptance by the Crystal Coast Hospice House Board of Directors.