About Hospice

About HospiceHospice is specialized, comprehensive care for terminally ill patients who are no longer seeking treatment for cure. Hospice care attends to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the patient and their loved ones. In addition to making sure that the patient's symptoms are managed, an entire hospice care team addresses the many facets of a terminal illness with counselors, a chaplain, nurses, volunteers, social workers, as well as physicians, to make sure patients and their loved ones are supported in a comprehensive manner.

The goal of hospice care is to treat patients in their home with the assistance of a hospice agency and family caregivers. However, many patients will be referred to inpatient care due to symptoms or circumstances that require 24-hour care and assistance, but can't be managed at home. A patient's physician, hospice agency or family member can make the referral to inpatient care and when they do, the SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House provides a warm, caring home-like environment with 24-hour care by a highly skilled medical staff and comprehensive hospice team that support patients and their families in every way.

One of the most important actions you can accomplish is to prepare a Living Will and a Healthcare Power of Attorney. Everyone should consider making these documents a part of their life planning strategy. A Living Will provides your family members with instructions to fulfill your wishes in certain medical situations. It gives your loved ones and health care team a guide that you have devised to provide your care. Living Wills can be a true blessing to loved ones in many situations.

A Healthcare Power of Attorney designates the persons, in succession, that you want to be in charge of making healthcare decisions in the event you are unable to. This person, or succession of people, would know you and should have discussions with you about your wishes, so that if they are faced with making decisions for you, they will know your hopes and feelings.

Click for an example from the NC General Statutes of a Living Will (NCGS 90-321) and Healthcare Power of Attorney (NCGS 32A-2). Discuss these important documents with your loved ones, your physician, and your legal advisors. These forms are being provided solely for purposes of example. They are not intended for use and should not take the place of specific legal or medical advice, for which you should rely upon your own attorney and physician.