Provide A Meal

Provide a MealProviding a meal for the families staying at SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House is a wonderful way to care for those who are going through a difficult part of life’s journey. By providing a lunch or dinner, you (your office, your Sunday School class, your church, your team, your department, your club, your friends, your family, your restaurant, etc.) make life better for those who are staying with their loved ones. Meals that are brought to our House are shared by everyone there, and keep people from having to leave to go out to eat. They also help our families to save money by not having to go and purchase a meal somewhere else.

Any kind of meal is appreciated, including orders from local area restaurants, but homemade meals are the best! Food is prepared and then brought up to SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House (by noon for lunches, by 4:30pm for dinners) where it is left in the kitchen for families to help themselves. Leftovers are packaged up and placed in the family refrigerator to be eaten later as desired.

You or your group can sign up in two ways:

  1. Call the Hospice House at 252-777-4201 to find an available day to bring a meal.
  2. Go online at Meal Train to sign up for a day to bring a meal. You will need to create an account to sign up online, but once you have done so you can browse through our calendar and choose a date/meal that works well for you.