The CCHH Board of Directors currently has five standing committees, which are comprised as follows:

Executive Committee

  • Kyra Moore, Board Chair
  • Curtis Hickman, Board Vice Chair & Development Committee Chair
  • Eddie Cameron, Planning Committee Chair
  • Leon Murdoch, Board Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair
  • Terry Goodman, Board Secretary
  • Charlie Miller, Executive Director (ex-officio)

Planning Committee

  • Eddie Cameron, Chair
  • Thor Coole
  • Gayle Westberg

Finance Committee

  • Leon Murdoch, Chair
  • Kyra Moore
  • Ryan Segrave

Development Committee

  • Curtis Hickman, Chair
  • Jo Anne Bolt
  • Elise Gay
  • Dr. Mary Katherine Lawrence
  • Gabriel Raynor

Governance Committee

  • Terry Goodman, Chair
  • Jane A. Gordon
  • David A. Roach