The SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House is staffed by highly skilled, specially trained nurses, nurse practitioners, certified nurses' assistants, a chaplain, a volunteer coordinator and a clinical administrator and is served by an on-call regional medical director and a social worker.  The facility provides exceptional patient care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are no facility restrictions on visitation hours.  Visitors are welcomed 24 hours a day.   A patient's care team may restrict visitation hours for individual patients to benefit the patient or family.

We offer three levels of inpatient hospice care. 

We offer six individual patient suites for Acute hospice patients.  General Inpatient or Acute Care provides pain control, symptom management, medication adjustment, observation, and psychosocial monitoring and counseling.  The anticipated stay is a few days and usually no more than one week. This level of care is fully covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most Third Party Insurers including Tricare

Home hospice patients may be temporarily admitted to one of our Acute Patient Suites, for a maximum stay of five days, in order to provide the family care givers relief from 24-hour/day patient care.  Once the Respite stay is over, the patient returns to their own home with their family care giver. This level of care is fully covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most Third Party Insurers including Tricare.

With four residential patient suites, we are able to offer Residential Inpatient Hospice Care to hospice-eligible patients without an appropriate living situation or available family care giver.  Our residential suites allow hospice patients to relocate to the SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House as their residence, and to receive a less intensive hospice care than patients in our Acute Care suites.  Residential hospice care models home hospice care, requiring patient input to care, with access to our medical team as a substitute for the 24-hour family caregiver in a home hospice situation.  The typical residential stay is 3 to 4 months; however, patients may remain eligible for longer periods as long as they remain hospice eligible.  For Residential patients only, there is an $80 per night Room & Board charge that is not covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most Third Party Insurers including Tricare.

Patients that are unable to afford this Room & Board charge may be eligible for assistance based on a financial screening.

Patient care at the SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House is coordinated by 3HC, our operating partner.  For more information about patient services and eligibility, please call 3HC at 1.800.692.4442.


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