Providing a High Standard of Inpatient Hospice Care

SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House: Care at Its Best When It's Needed Most

The SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House will provide the highest quality end-of-life care for every patient referred to inpatient care with the only admission restriction being bed availability.  The patient's hospice team will address all aspects of the patient's hospice care program as well as embrace family and friends so they may focus on cherishing every moment together.

Operating the Hospice House

Crystal Coast Hospice House is excited to partner with one of the most respected inpatient hospice facility operators in the State.  After reviewing the cost-effectiveness and feasibility of several operating scenarios, CCHH began discussing a partnership to operate the inpatient facility with 3HC (Home Health & Hospice Care).  3HC mentored CCHH  during the very early phases of our efforts.  CCHH is confident that the terms worked out with 3HC are the best option for the facility's operation.  CCHH and 3HC have signed a long-term lease agreement that does not include payment of management fees to 3HC.   Add to that the 17 years of successful experience 3HC has in operating the Kitty Askins Hospice Center - an inpatient hospice facility in Goldsboro NC; that they are an eastern NC non-profit organization; and that they are close enough to share significant administrative costs between their Kitty Askins Hospice Center and the SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House, partnering with 3HC is a sound choice to facilitate the highest quality of care for our community in the most cost effective, sustainable and expeditious manner. 

CCHH continues to own the hospice house and as owner ensures that the hospice house is well maintained, well furnished and comfortable for patients and their families.  3HC offers in-home hospice care but does not have a Carteret County office.  3HC works with hospice agencies, hospitals and other referring providers in the five county service region to provide exceptional inpatient hospice care.

For more information about 3HC, visit 3HC's website.

3HC Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice will tell you how 3HC may use and disclose protected health information about you as a patient. Protected health information means any health information about you that identifies you or for which there is a reasonable basis to believe the information can be used to identify you. In this notice, 3HC calls all of that protected health information, "medical information."

This notice also will tell you about your patient privacy rights and our duties with respect to medical information about you. In addition, it will tell you how to contact us if you believe 3HC has violated your privacy rights.

Download the eight-page document explaining 3HC's "Notice of Privacy Practices."

For more information or for a hard copy of 3HC's Notice of Privacy Practices, please write to:

Chief Compliance Officer
 2402 Wayne Memorial Drive
 Goldsboro, NC 27534
 or call: 1-800-260-4442

Partnering with Hospitals and Physicians

Keeping the Hospice House as local as possible is a very high priority for CCHH and 3HC. It is discussed in every decision we make. In fact, we were recently awarded a Rural Hope grant for job creation of 16 new positions, primarily caregivers, which have been filled from within the community.

In cooperation with local in-home hospice providers, area hospitals and local physicians, the SECU Crystal Coast Hospice House offers a seamless continuum of care for patients. Physicians may follow their own patients and care for them at the Hospice Home by maintaining regular visits with their patients at the Hospice House and 24 hour a day on-call services. Or, patients may be transferred to the care of the facility's medical director. 

Our medical director and caregivers remain in contact with the patient's referring provider.

Our care respects The Dying Person's Bill of Rights.  Download and print the Dying Person's Bill of Rights.

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